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NEW Dragapella® Merch!

With winter storms raging across most of North America (including Texas, but not Cancún!) and new coronavirus variants coming out like muscle queens at a circuit party in Puerto Vallarta, we've ginned up some fabulous new apparel, face masks, and…

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*NEW* Breathtaking Music Video!

*** HAPPY NEW YEAR! *** 

2021 is FINALLY here and – OH BOY – are we ready to breathe a collective sigh of relief with vaccines rolling out and the prospect of a competent presidency on the horizon! While we…

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Mega Media Sale Extended!

Get 50% off all of our DVDs and previous nine CDs - now extended through December 18. Then, that's it - No if's, and's, or butt's about it - ya hear me?! Finally get your gynecologist that DVD of Things…

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Our Holiday EP – Roasted Chestnuts – has arrived!

Surprise! We've bundled our new song "We'll Be Home for Christmas" and two other ruined holiday favorites - "Soylent Night" and "Lusty the Snowman" - for a new digital EP, Roasted Chestnuts - a delectable suite downloadable for only $3! 

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Quarantunes CD Now Available!

We are thrilled to announce that our glorious album, Quarantunes, is now available on CD for $15!

And if that weren’t enough - Quarantunes is also now streaming on all the popular platforms like Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, and…

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New QUARANTUNES Merch is Here: Shirts, Mugs, and MORE!

Joy of joys! Ever since we announced our new Dragapella® album QUARANTUNES, people have been asking, "Haven't we suffered enough?" But more importantly, they've also asked, "How do I get that gorgeous album artwork on a t-shirt?!"  

Well, fret no…

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