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Join us in a grand return to Chicagoland as America’s most potty-mouthed, politically outspoken – and longest-running – drag a cappella quartet has somehow been put in charge of morning assembly at your local elementary school. What can possibly go right?

In this brand-new a cappella musical, no Disney tune, nursery rhyme, or TV theme song is safe from their signature Dragapella® treatment of outrageous parodies in delicious four-part harmony. With over a dozen new songs, paired with scathing satire and Kinsey Sicks classics from their 30 years of appalling audiences, this brand-new musical from America’s Favorite Dragapella® Beautyshop Quartet has been rated “PG” for “Patently Ghastly.”

Trigger Warning: This children’s show is unsuitable for children, and may provoke strong reactions among people named DeSantis or Taylor Greene.

The Kinsey Sicks return to Salt Lake City with their hit new show Drag Queen Storytime Gone Wild! featuring their hit new single "Poof the Magic Drag Queen" and a dozen new parodies sure to ruin your childhood favorites from Disney to nursery rhymes!

Presented by Utah LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce / Safe Zone

Tickets Available Soon!

The Kinsey Sicks in "Oy Vey in a Manger"

 —  —

The Purple Room, 1900 E Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92264

The Kinsey Sicks' heretical holiday hit Oy Vey in a Manger makes its return to the high desert and at Michael Holmes' legendary Purple Room Supper Club.

In Oy Vey in a Manger, we find Angel, Winnie, Trixie, and Trampolina trying to sell off their manger – yes, that manger – before it's foreclosed upon. Crises arise, secrets are revealed, Jewish-Gentile tensions surface, and mayhem ensues – all in glorious four-part harmony.

Oy Vey boasts The Kinsey Sicks' reinterpretations of holiday classics, such as "God Bless Ye Femmy Lesbians," "Anchor Baby," and "Lusty the Snowman." PLUS, indulge in hilarious Jewish satiric fare, including "Don't Be Happy, Worry," the Chanukah spa classic "I Had a Little Facial" and, of course, the requisite and new Christmas cuisine standard, "Soylent Night."

Two Shows only! Tickets Available Soon!

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