Introducing KinseyGram

Introducing KinseyGrams!

What could be more personal than a KinseyGram?

Make your special occasion even more momentous with a KinseyGram from The Kinsey Sicks! Get a personalized video greeting from Angel, Trixie, Winnie, or Trampolina - OR gather the whole Kinsey Sicks for your next birthday, smicha, anniversary, divorce ... or any other cause de célèbre

Starting at just $50, these KinseyGrams are the cat's meow. Get a tribute from Trixie for that pay raise complete with suggestions on how to spend that extra dough  - on her!  

Maybe Angel's adulation for that alien abduction isn't quite enough - get applause from the whole Beautyshop Quartet starting at just $150!!

Sound steep? This talent doesn't come cheap, ya know! We could use popular platforms that keep 25% of your valuable coin, but we've cut out the capitalist middle-man and are doing it ourselves, sister! With price points to meet most folks' budget – including those with money to burn – we're thrilled to offer this new way to bring more Dragapella® to people's mundane lives.

PLEASE NOTE that KinseyGrams are for personal use only. If you would like a corporate greeting or booking, please send us a Booking Inquiry.

See some Sample 'Grams

Spoken KinseyGram - Winnie ($50)

Spoken KinseyGram - Trampolina