BroadwayWorld Reviews "Drag Queen Storytime Gone Wild!"



BroadwayWorld has judged our latest live album, and we're thrilled to share their verdict! Praising it overall for being "Graphically queer... shameless ... hilarious" with “excellent 4-part vocal arrangements” and highlighting our queer anthem “Poof the Magic Drag…

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Once Upon a Pearl Necklace...

We've all heard the story: December 1993, a group of friends, Bette Midler, San Francisco, Andrew Sisters drag, blah, blah, vamp, vamp, vamp... Or maybe America's Favorite Dragapella® Beautyshop Quartet is breaking news to you and you're wondering just how…

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NEW Dragapella Video: "Sesame Seeds"

Have a Nosh, You Look Hungry!
Hungry for Dragapella®, that is! We may be elbows-deep in pumpkin spice season, but Winnie is having none of it. Get out your favorite savory schmear and pickled vegetables, 'cuz the girls are here…

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Dragapella at the World's Largest Arts Festival!

The Kinsey Sicks bring their hit Dragapella musical “Drag Queen Storytime Gone Wild!” to the world's largest arts festival – the Edinburgh Fringe! After a 6-year hiatus, the gals return to their roost atop one of the Fringe's top venues…

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"Poof the Magic Drag Queen"

Our new single "Poof the Magic Drag Queen" is out of the closet just in time for Pride Month on all streaming platforms and downloadable from our online store.

Penned by Kinsey Sicks co-founder Benjamin Schatz ("Rachel"), this glorious new…

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Limited Run in San Francisco!

“Drag Queen Storytime Gone Wild!” runs July 5-16 in the city of our virgin birth: San Francisco! Don't miss the gals' return to the fabulous New Conservatory Theater with their hilariously irreverent and timely Dragapella® musical!

Get tix here!

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Toronto Pride!

The Kinsey Sicks kick off Toronto Pride as part of SING! – The Toronto Vocal Arts Festival. Join the gals for a feast of Dragapella® activities on June 2, as they lead a unique Dragapella-themed workshop during the day and…

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Chatting with Progressive Voices Network!

Trampy and Trixie (aka Spencer Brown and Jeff Manabat) chat with Nicole Sandler of the Progressive Voices Network and discuss "Drag Queen Storytime Gone Wild!" and the group's long resistance via performance art against the forces of the radical right.  …