If you haven't made the acquaintance of The Kinsey Sicks, it's high time you did ... Uproarious ... brilliant ... authentically joyful.”

— Washington Post

Dragapella® - noun: a comedy troupe featuring over-the-top drag and a cappella; verb: to sing in glorious four-part harmony while donning drag; adj.: subverting expectations

For 25 years, The Kinsey Sicks have been defining - and redefining - comedy, drag, and music theatre. With sharp-tongued political and social satire, the venerable heroines Rachel, Trampolina, Trixie, and Winnie tackle taboos and smash stereotypes. From their early days in San Francisco to ovation-granting audiences across the country and around world, Dragapella® is an hilarious celebration. 

 Their latest musical comedy, Things You Shouldn't Say has earned the group top critical reception from Forbes Magazine, The Washington Post, and The London Times  and is currently touring venues across the United States.

No lip-syncing. No boundaries. All Dragapella®

from the Adelaide Fringe (photo: Trentino Priori)

from the Adelaide Fringe (photo: Trentino Priori)

Voices sweet as birdsong.”

— New York Times

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Wonderfully smart, politically pointed and liberating,”

— London Times

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