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Tired of playing Kinsey Sicks albums for friends and having them say, "Wow, do they look as bad as they sound?" Finally, The Kinsey Sicks' DVD, "I Wanna Be a Republican" answers that question with a resounding yes!

The Kinsey Sicks may be trash, but the concert film, released by Eyethink Pictures, is a glorious five-camera shoot that vividly captures the sights, smells and fear of a live Kinsey Sicks performance.

And if that's not too much, there's more! There's a hilarious blooper reel, two commentary tracks, a multi-camera angle feature, and four songs not bad enough to be included in the film, but sufficiently disturbing to include in the DVD.

What the critics are saying:

"With their tight harmonies, fab ensembles and wicked wit, The Kinsey Sicks more than make up for the fact that some Republicans still exist." - Michael Musto, The Village Voice

"A night of sizzling satire and sexy trash talk...A laugh out loud funny showcase to rival the Margaret Cho enterprise...a comedy concert that equals the best of HBO." - Bay Area Reporter

"The campy Kinsey Sicks hit the screen in 'I Wanna Be a Republican'. Their doo-wop vocal polish impresses, as does the technical slickness of this feature from Eyethink Pictures." - Variety

"The Kinsey Sicks - with perfect four-part harmony vocals, well-chosen parody melodies and laugh-out loud lyrics - approach genius." - Metrosource

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