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Join The Kinsey Sicks as Rachel, Trampolina, Trixie, and Winnie campaign to become the first Dragapella® Beautyshop Quartet to be elected President of the United States on the Republican ticket!

Filmed at the legendary Metropolitan Room in New York with an impressive 8-camera angle shoot, this acclaimed satirical musical follows the gals as they take (a) back America by out-pandering, out-conspiracy theorizing, and out-outlandishing even the most cynical GOP Presidential contenders through sharp-witted original songs and biting parodies that are delivered in glorious four-part harmony.

Please note that these DVDs are only available in NTSC format, which is playable in North America, Japan, the Philippines, South Korea, and most of South America. If you live in a non-NTSC format (PAL or SECAM) country, then you must have a multi-region player, or computer/laptop that can read NTSC formatted DVDs, to view the DVD.

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