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BroadwayWorld Reviews "Drag Queen Storytime Gone Wild!"



BroadwayWorld has judged our latest live album, and we're thrilled to share their verdict! Praising it overall for being "Graphically queer... shameless ... hilarious" with “excellent 4-part vocal arrangements” and highlighting our queer anthem “Poof the Magic Drag…

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Chatting with Progressive Voices Network!

Trampy and Trixie (aka Spencer Brown and Jeff Manabat) chat with Nicole Sandler of the Progressive Voices Network and discuss "Drag Queen Storytime Gone Wild!" and the group's long resistance via performance art against the forces of the radical right.  …

Podcasting with The Writers Block

Trixie (Jeff Manabat) and Winnie (Nathan Marken) take time out of their frantic holiday schedule to talk with promoter Ron Knight on his creative industry podcast, The Writers Block, to discuss The Kinsey Sicks' latest Dragapella® releases, the Quarantunes

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