A Cappella Leaders Interview The Kinsey Sicks

The Kinsey Sicks are special guests on this week's a-cappella-focused Counterpoint Podcast with Robert Dietz and aca-impresario Deke Sharon! Take a listen as Trixie and Winnie (and the boys-behind-the-girls Jeff and Nathan) cover a wild array of aca-topics, including our own unique intersection of a cappella, drag, and politics. Also included is a live recording of one our signature numbers (and one of the crown jewels of our critically-acclaimed show "Things You Shouldn't Say"): Jerry’s Song. Listen to the podcast here!

Robert Dietz is the aca-wizard arranging the music and coaching the competitors of NBC's a cappella competition The Sing Off.

Deke Sharon is considered the godfather of a cappella. Among many aca-highlights, he is one of the creative forces behind the popular a cappella movie series Pitch Perfect and Broadway's first a cappella show In Transit.

Together they are the hosts of Counterpoint Podcast, which explores how the a cappella industry started, where it's going, and how we get there together.