Drag Queen Storytime Gone Wild LIVE Album Coming February 20!

From coast to coast and across four countries, it's the album audiences have been clamoring for: Drag Queen Storytime Gone Wild! The latest Dragapella® release from The Kinsey Sicks, recorded LIVE in San Francisco features 20 tracks, including a dozen new parodies and some of the most outrageous shtick from the show critics have called a "Tour-de-Force" (The List, UK).

Coming February 20 on CD ($15), digital download ($12), and everywhere you stream your music! 

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Drag Queen Storytime Gone Wild! features our dirtiest Dragapella® Disney parodies and the naughtiest nursery rhymes ever to hit the stage. From the hit drag anthem – and true heart of the stage show – "Poof the Magic Drag Queen" to Trampolina's powerhouse Trump takedown "Poor Unfortunate Trolls" and to Winnie's kvetch-fest to find a good bagel with "Sesame Seeds," there's something for everyone with a hunger for sticking it to the Right.*

"stunning vocal performance paired with laugh-out-loud quips”
- Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

“a perfect combination of their grasp of [drag], singing prowess, lyrical dexterity and political punch.”
- Fest Magazine

*Not suitable for actual children. May cause tolerance, empathy, and a potty mouth. 
This album is rated M for "immature adults" and comes with a trigger warning for anyone named "DeSantis" or "Taylor Greene."