The Kinsey Sicks return to their beloved San Francisco home with a SPECIAL PRESENTATION of their newest hit satire, DRAG QUEEN STORYTIME GONE WILD.

LIMITED DATES: July 5-16, Weds - Sun

America’s most potty-mouthed and politically outspoken drag quartet has somehow been put in charge of morning assembly at your local elementary school. What can possibly go right? The Kinsey Sicks bring their outrageous new Musical featuring a cavalcade of Kinsey classics and new parodies to ruin your childhood favorites. You’ll never be able to hear nursery rhymes and other classic children’s songs the same way again. This Dragapella® Musical has been rated PG for "Patently Ghastly."

Trigger Warning: This children’s show is unsuitable for children, and may provoke strong reactions among people named DeSantis or Taylor Greene.