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It’s the perfect imperfect holiday gift: “America’s Next Top Bachelor Housewife Celebrity Hoarder Makeover Star Gone Wild!”, filmed live amidst the excitement (and considerable sweat) of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

If you couldn’t make it to Edinburgh, get the DVD and see what the London Times described as:

“Wonderfully smart, politically pointed and liberating … examples of The Kinseys’ contagious brand of rib-tickling abound in the tight-knit group’s Edinburgh debut, a hilarious late-night lampoon of reality TV … Other glories tucked into the hour-long show [are] ... both clever and artfully crude … One of the great pleasures of The Kinsey Sicks is the cast’s lovably ribald on-stage alter-egos."

This four camera-shoot was filmed live over two performances during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, with all the excitement, lack of glamor and, well, Fringe-iness that one expects from a Fringe Festival.

Please note that these DVDs are only available in NTSC format, which is playable in North America, Japan, the Philippines, South Korea, and most of South America. If you live in a non-NTSC format (PAL or SECAM) country, then you must have a multi-region player, or computer/laptop that can read NTSC formatted DVDs, to view the DVD.

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