Keep THIS Tune Off Your State's Ballot!

What's a new year without a new Dragapella® parody to commemorate the 3rd anniversary of the deplorable and treasonous insurrection fomented by a certain ex-President? "Poor Unfortunate Trolls" is the perfect new music video from Drag Queen Storytime Gone Wild! that has it all: slinking drag queens, a LIVE powerhouse performance by Trampolina, and delightfully sharp-tongued lyrics by Kinsey Sicks co-founder Rachel/Ben Schatz in a scathing takedown of a particular classified document hoarder with a penchant for Big Macs and excursions on Epstein Airlines.

Dive into the new video now!

If you love it as much as we do, there's no need to cough up your voice to your local seductive, full-figured sea witch/drag queen/gay icon, just share it with all of your friends with questionable taste – as well as your favorite Supreme Court Justice! While you're at it, scoop up your very own copy of this gem (and support your favorite Dragapella® artists) and download the single – available for purchase NOW!

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