Once Upon a Pearl Necklace...

We've all heard the story: December 1993, a group of friends, Bette Midler, San Francisco, Andrew Sisters drag, blah, blah, vamp, vamp, vamp... Or maybe America's Favorite Dragapella® Beautyshop Quartet is breaking news to you and you're wondering just how – after 6 concert films, nearly a dozen albums, and multiple international tours that span three continents and over 40 U.S States – you managed to exist without us? Whether you were with us since our first gigs at Josie's Cabaret or recently started stalking following us at this year's Edinburgh Fringe, this celebration is for you and we're going all in for…

The Kinsey Sicks' 30th Anniversary Season!

Huzzah! The 2024 calendar is already filling up with a premier of our newest Dragapella® musical in April – stay tuned for its announcement! – and we are continuing to tour our timely and internationally-acclaimed show Drag Queen Storytime Gone Wild! (Oh! Did we mention that we're working on a new LIVE album of our latest parodies, including "Poof The Magic Drag Queen" and "Sesame Seeds"?) So, keep up, hop on, and put on your pearls for another sensational year with The Kinsey Sicks!

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Since our unlikely founding in San Francisco 30 years ago, The Kinsey Sicks has served a harmonious feast of music, sharp satire, and outrageous antics throughout North America, Europe, and Australia at performing arts venues, music festivals, Pride events, universities, cruise ships, fundraisers, private parties, and yes, nudist retreats!

But Dragapella doesn't just play with the fun parts – we also engage with history as it's being made. From our humble beginnings during the AIDS crisis to the recent global pandemic and beyond, whether live and in-person, or on TV, film, or the digital arena, we strive to continue entertaining, enlightening, enraging, and engaging… all in glorious 4-part harmony.

Finally, we know we cannot do any of this without the incredible devotion (and for many, the increasing delusion) of our diverse fan base around the world. So, from deep in our hearts and the very bottom of our bottoms: THANK YOU! We are eternally grateful to all of you for providing us the opportunity to serve you and this big blue ball in space called Earth 30 years of Dragapella! Here's to many more!