From the recording Roasted Chestnuts

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Thumpity thump thump
Thumpity thump thump
Thumpity thump thump

Lusty the Snowman was a very horny soul
But the big surprise was his thirsty eyes and his very hungry hole
Lusty the Snowman suffered impotence, they say
But who would suspect snowmen get erect, he sure came to life one day

There must have been Viagra in the snow upon the ground
For when a reindeer gave him head, he began to fuck around

Oh, Lusty the Snowman was as hard as hard can be
And the neighbors say he was quite a lay and too cold for STD's

Lusty the Snowman was quite hot to trot one day
So he humped a nun and went on the run before he's locked away
He moved to The Village, list of sex clubs in his hand
Running here and there with his snowballs bare shouting “fuck me if you can!”

He always love to cop a feel and he loved to feel a cop
He is big and bold, but it is damn cold when Lusty is a top – OW!

Lusty the Snowman was finally put away
He addressed the court with just one retort:
“I'll fudge-pack again someday!”

Thumpity thump thump
Thumpity thump thump
Look at Lusty go! GO!

Humpity hump hump
Humpity hump hump
What a ho, ho, ho-mo!