1. Soylent Night

From the recording Roasted Chestnuts

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Soylent night, bone appetite
Friends are sweet, so take a big bite
Ground-up virgin with mother and child
Try the infant, so tender and mild
Heat with carrots and peas
Bet you can't eat just one piece

Soylent night, *yecch!* cellulite!
Shepherd's pie is rare, 'cause shepherds fight
If your conscience is eating at you,
Remember your kids will be eating you too
Try your neighbor with corn
Before next week's dinner is born

Soylent night, budget is tight
Treasure your children and braise them right
Eating Mama is something to prize
Ain't he sweet, he's got his mother's eyes!
Choose with care who you meat
Remember, you are who you eat

I ate Maria!