The Kinsey Sicks are thrilled to introduce our newest member: ANGEL!

Angel is the identical twin sister of Kinsey Sicks foundress and Dragapella® emeritus Rachel. People constantly say that they can’t tell the two apart, although their miniscule size difference (Angel is a mere 11 inches taller than her twin, not the grossly exaggerated 12 inches) does provide a clue to discerning observers. There are other subtle giveaways. Age, for example: their mother finally gave birth to Angel after being in labor for 11 years between twins, when, in desperation, she sat on top of a Christmas tree, where Angel was born. Angel emerged a fully-grown pre-pubescent with the highly developed vocabulary of a pirate, learned by listening to her mother’s eleven years of obscenities spewed during labor. To this day, nothing rocks Angel to sleep better than the sound of someone screaming “Get OUT of me, you f@&%ing parasite!” Soothingly for Angel, it is something she frequently hears on dates. 

Angel and Rachel had an ultra-competitive upbringing. When Angel was born, she quickly screamed “I’m famished, where’s the goddamn food!?” And from that moment on, she always made it to the trough faster than her soon-to-be smaller older twin. Pediatricians, veterinarians and forensic pathologists studying the situation believe this may be connected to the twins’ difference in size. 

Before joining The Kinsey Sicks, Angel was the go-to star for a wide range of self-financed Off-Off-Off-Broadway darlings as Diddler on the Roof, Mary Poppers, and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Toilet. Angel dropped out of show business after the reviews came in from a community production of Equus, in which Angel played the title role. After that, Angel turned to doing something a little more hands-on, working for renowned non-profits such as Doctors Without Boundaries and The Salivation Army. It was when she suddenly and unexpectedly lost her job with Toys for Tits that she “convinced” Rachel to retire from the group. We wish Rachel a speedy recovery and are grateful that, despite her unfortunate tumble from a cliff, she will continue to be able to write for the group and for her loving sister.