Support the Kinseys with our Spring Quarantine-ing Sale

Like many artists who have had their livelihoods upended by recent events, we Kinseys are challenged to quickly find ways to support our work. And although we would love to present live streams - as many of our performing artist friends have done so beautifully - current streaming technology cannot make live a cappella harmonies possible for a group whose members reside in 4 different states covering thousands of miles and three different time zones. At least not yet. 

So while we explore other online performance opportunities to replace our recently canceled gigs, if you feel like helping your FAVORITE Dragapella® group out, how about purchasing some Kinsey merch? Almost all of our media are now on sale with 50% OFF SELECT DVDs & Posters and all CDs just $9.99 (remember, all physical albums come with FREE digital tracks). And as a small token of our appreciation for your appreciation of bad taste, we will include a Classic Quartet Magnet with every purchase. 

In short, we can’t yet offer live performances, but if there’s ANY time you’ve thought about getting some Kinsey merch, now is it. And if you play our albums and DVDs loud enough, you'll be guaranteed social distancing from anyone who hears them months after this is all over.

Please visit our store here.

Perhaps you already own the entire Kinsey Sicks' oeuvre - and for that, we are simultaneously grateful and frightened for you - but you still want to support our work as the world's only Dragapella® Beautyshop Quartet. You're in luck! You can make a donation directly to us with the link here.

We also realize that many of you will also be financially impacted by the situation, so if you cannot make a purchase but still want to help, please consider following or telling a friend about us on social media Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter

We promise to keep you abreast, amused, and if you're lucky, appalled.