Kinseys Release 25th Anniversary Album, "GreatesTits"

What better way to celebrate our 25th anniversary (other than hiring us to perform) than by buying our amazing new compilation of our 25 greatest hits? And not just the versions you’ve heard on our other nine albums (which you undoubtedly own.) This album, featuring a healthy mix of unhealthy parodies and original songs, includes several unreleased and especially delightful versions of old favorites such as "We Arm the World," "The Rose," and "Don't Be Happy, Worry." Oh, and did we mention that half of the songs on the album are recorded live? 

BONUS: In addition to the 25 aforementioned hits, the album also includes four bone-us tracks: never-released love songs to (in no particular order) Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un, San Francisco, and baboons. 

On GreatesTits, you get an amazing 100 minutes of songs! Long enough to clear ANY room of unwanted guests! 


photo credit: James Year