Kinseys Film TV Pilot in Toronto!

The Kinsey Sicks will be featured in an exciting new TV pilot filmed last weekend in Toronto. Crossover brings together US and Canadian LGBT activists and thinkers from across political parties in both countries to discuss and debate a wide range of issues. And the entertainment for the show? Why, none other than North America’s Favorite Dragapella® Beautyshop Quartet! Not only were we invited to sing, but the song led to an unforgettable segment featuring a spirited back-and-forth debate between The Kinseys and one of the show’s LGBT Trump supporters. You won’t want to miss it! 

You can’t watch it yet — but we’ll keep you posted. There’s great interest in the show, with financial support for the pilot provided by Air Canada (in hopes of airing the segment on its in-flight entertainment) and by Bell Media, Canada's largest broadcaster. The producers are very optimistic that the show will be picked up and that The Kinsey Sicks’ singing — and debating skills — will be a regular component. 

To find out more about the show, and the many US and Canadian community organizations supporting it, check out the website for Crossover or their Facebook page.