25th Anniversary (and Rachel Farewell/Welfare) Tour Comes to Northern California

Tickets for The Kinsey Sicks 25th Anniversary shows at San Francisco’s historic Marines Memorial Theater would be flying off the shelf if they were, in fact, actually on a shelf. But sales are brisk, as fans and newbies alike rush to catch Rachel’s last performances in SF in order to describe the depravity to future generations. The run features Friday, Saturday matinee and Saturday evening performances, the first two of which will feature talk-backs with the current cast and now-mothballed founding members. All three performances ofThings You Shouldn’t Say in this shockingly glamorous theater will feature a special song written just for the occasion. Don’t regret missing us, when you can regret seeing us instead! 

An entirely different alleged treat will greet Kinsey fans during our October 4 performance at Congregation Ner Shalom in Cotati. In Kinsey Sicks Unplugged: No Ifs, Ands or Butts, we will perform some of our favorite songs, punctuated with conversation with Kinsey Sicks co-founder and Ner Shalom Spiritual Leader, Reb Irwin Keller. 

And then there’s fabulous South Lake Tahoe, where we return to The Loft, our favorite Lake Tahoe hotspot, for 3 nights of Things You Shouldn't Say, September 26-8.