The Kinsey Sicks in "Drag Queen Storytime Gone WILD!"

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Gilded Balloon - National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland

America’s most potty-mouthed and politically outspoken drag a cappella quartet escaped the morality police in the US... only to inflict their outrageous parodies on the UK! What can possibly go right? No Disney tune, nursery rhyme, or beloved pop song is safe from their outrageous parodies in delicious four-part harmony. With scathing satire and cheeky classics from 30 years of appalling their audiences, this brand-new musical from America’s Favourite Dragapella Beautyshop Quartet has been rated “PG” for “Patently Ghastly.” "Wonderfully smart ... Hilarious ... both clever and artfully crude ... lovably ribald." (The Times)