BroadwayWorld heaps praise on "Oy Vey in a Manger!"

Mazel tov!

"This hilarious Dragapella Barbershop Quartet, entertained the Theater J audience ... with a raucous and resounding devilish leer. Traditional Holiday lyrics were turned upside down – and were encrusted with lewdly lascivious lyrics that had the audience almost…

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New Music Video With All The Fixins For Thanksgiving!

Bring a Bib, Babs! 

Bust out your stretchy pants and get ready for a glorious gluttonous holiday with The Kinsey Sicks’ newest music video of everyone’s favorite Streisand parody, “Don’t Rein in My Buffet!” 

So Cosmo says you're fat? Well…

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While many predicted we would “disappear, like a miracle,” we, like so many of you, have endured and are tickled pink to sing our Dragapella® hearts out at NYC's legendary Birdland Jazz and the historic Uptown Players in Dallas. We…

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We Are Open For Business!

With North America slowly opening up for business again, The Kinsey Sicks are poised to announce our upcoming calendar dates and are now taking inquiries for the 2021-2022 performance season! If you are a producer or agent looking to book…

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New Music Video: Can't Help Lovin' That Hand

Love Starts with YOU! 

(We know it actually starts with "L")

Pride season is here and The Kinsey Sicks are here to remind you to lead with self-love – Dragapella® style! With parades, parties, and plastered straight girls already emerging…

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One of our girls stars in a historic Netflix cartoon!

We are thrilled that our very own Trixie/Jeff Manabat was part of animation history this weekend with the release of Netflix's TRESE – the first American cartoon starring a majority of Filipino and Filipino-American talent!

Get ready to binge-watch your…

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Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards 2021!

The Contemporary A Cappella Society and Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards honored QUARANTUNES as runner-up for Best Humor Album!

Congratulations to Germany's VIVA VOCE for taking top honors with their album GLÜCKSBRINGER!

For more results, check out:

April's Showers Bring a NEW Dragapella® Video!

Experience the girls like never before! We're celebrating Spring with a Renaissance classic that mixes delicious Dragapella® counterpoint, pearl-clutching parody lyrics, and a torrid tour of some of art's naughtiest moments. If you thought Lil Nas X was revolutionary for…

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New Merch for Spring and Summer!

Summer is just around the corner, and with more and more folks getting vaccinated, we know you're tempted to venture outdoors for fresh air (unless you're in Florida where we advise you to wear a hazmat suit). So celebrate tank…

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Introducing: KinseyGram!

We’re thrilled to share an exclusive announcement only to our most dedicated fans - YOU! 

Let’s face it: a year of isolating has made us all more than a little desperate for contact. Birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays have all taken…

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