Our Holiday EP – Roasted Chestnuts – has arrived!

Surprise! We've bundled our new song "We'll Be Home for Christmas" and two other ruined holiday favorites - "Soylent Night" and "Lusty the Snowman" - for a new digital EP, Roasted Chestnuts - a delectable suite downloadable for only $3! 

Preview and download Roasted Chestnuts here!

Lose yourself in the atmospheric harmonies of "We'll Be Home for Christmas," and get your fill with the Kinsey culinary classic, "Soylent Night." The girls will finish you off with their delightfully naughty "Lusty the Snowman" romp, which they are thrilled to include on this release. 

(Our own Trampolina has blown life into the titular snow creature for the Roasted Chestnuts design!)