Announcing our newest album: QUARANTUNES

Announcing our 10th studio(ish) album: QUARANTUNES, a Dragapella® odyssey of 16 new and outrageous parodies and razor-sharp original songs - the perfect panacea for a pandemic. QUARANTUNES will be released October 27 exclusively through our website as a digital-only album - you can pre-order yours for $12 now

PLUS! As an added bonus: you can rest knowing that your hard-earned shekels are helping to keep Dragapella® alive during times as uncertain and questionable as your purchase!

Pre-Order your QUARANTUNES download today!

As a digital album, the tracks are yours to keep and listen to on all of your devices! No draconian "digital rights management" or other anti-consumer blah-dee-blah. Our songs will be yours forever, whether you like them or not. 

Fun fact: the lovely and looney QUARANTUNES album artwork you are currently admiring was designed by our very own Trampolina! 

About Quarantunes 

Packed with piercing political parodies and powerful original songs, QUARANTUNES takes on your partisan favorites like an abusive Attorney General (“Mad Attorney General”), corrupt political families (“Grifters”), and lusty sex scandals/Trixie's side hustle (“Stormy Daniels”). 

Not ones to be upstaged by a global pandemic - or to respect social niceties - the girls begrudgingly adapt to the new normal and remind us to keep “Social Distance” and respectfully ask that you “Don’t-cha, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me!” And while some have chosen to “Let it Go,” the COVID-19 virus has forced us all, especially singers, to have a new-found appreciation for “Good Ventilation.” 

The Kinsey Sicks also take a stand in the ongoing struggle for justice and ask “Which Side Are You On?” QUARANTUNES also doesn’t shy away from heart-hitting tunes with the girls’ take on “Privilege” and giving voice to those suffering most during the pandemic with “The Sound of Sirens."