America's Favorite Dragapella® Beautyshop Quartet

Chicks with Shticks

"As always, hilarity ensues."

~ Chicago Free Press

"The Kinsey Sicks promise to help an adoring audience find its inner drag queen. And they succeed.... The Sicks are genuinely talented men and theirs is a genuinely funny show which cheerfully crosses the line of political correctness. It is "Rent" on nitrous oxide."

~ Washington Post

"Triumphant ... flaming and fabulous ... standout live recordings"

~ Windy City Times

photo by Maurice Molyneaux

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Be amazed (or appalled) by The Kinsey Sicks' latest and greatest dragtastic a cappella musical! This collection of new songs is an equal mix of appalling original songs and unforgivable parodiesLet it Go. In other words, this show has something to mortify everyone! 

PLUS, the audience has the special privilege to shape the show for the next audience! That's right, it's up to YOU to determine which songs are so outstandingly bad that the next audience should not see them! Come enjoy the show, and judge whether a song lives or dies!