America's Favorite Dragapella® Beautyshop Quartet

"Oy Vey in a Manger"/"Things You Shouldn't Say" finish Off-Broadway this week; "Oy Vey" moves to SF Dec 26-30

Dec 19, 2017

No more putting it off! Do you want to be the only tasteless schmuck who hasn’t seen Things You Shouldn’t Say and Oy Vey in a Manger Off-Broadway this month?

Thank you all who caught the final showing of Things You Shouldn’t Say! Here are the most recent critical raves about the show:

Forbes Magazine praised it as 1 of 11 shows in "Best Theater of 2017: Broadway and Beyond" and raved: "riveting ... a humbling, hilarious delivery system of painful truths ... 'Things You Shouldn’t Say' will push buttons you didn’t know you had. And there is perhaps no higher compliment to give a queen than that."

"Eloquent and essential ... This is a crucial piece of theater: intelligent, poignant and heart-rending ... We need 'Things You Shouldn’t Say.' We need more plays like this one. With humor, honesty and a score of tunes that will have you in stitches, 'Things You Shouldn’t Say' successfully tackles one the biggest heartbreaks in history … powerful and funny.”~Theater Pizzazz 

And here’s how the critics are praising Oy Vey in a Manger!

"A raunchy parody of a holiday show that could make even Scrooge smile.” ~NY Post
"In the mood for smart, sassy humor delivered by an outstanding a cappella ensemble? The Kinsey Sicks, has created a holiday musical comedy full of wit, ingenuity and lipstick … pitch-perfect … a treasure trove of facetiously clever lyrics ... endlessly funny ... This Beautyshop Quartet is as fine an a cappella group as any I’ve heard ... Give yourself the gift of laughter for the holidays. See 'Oy Vey In A Manger.'” ~Theater Pizzazz

Can’t see Oy Vey in New York? No problem! There are 7 shows at SF’s renowned Boxcar Theatre December 26-20.
Hype-y holidays!

Buy your loved ones several thousand tickets for our Off-Broadway run of TWO shows, Dec 7-24!

Dec 2, 2017

Our blissfully blasphemous antidote to holiday good cheer, Oy Vey in a Manger, is finally getting the Off-Broadway attention it deserves, with a run at New York’s renowned SoHo Playhouse Dec 7-24! Please tell all your friends who live in or travel to New York not to resist this irresistibly irreverent treat! As The Washington Post raved, "In an ecumenical display of wicked joie de vivre, The Kinsey Sicks are sending up everything that's holy. If you haven't made the acquaintance of The Kinsey Sicks, it's high time you did.” Tickets for this droll yet dulcet Dragapella® desecration are available here.

But why see us in just one show when you can suffer through two? As a result of the phenomenal audience and critic response to our new show Things You Shouldn’t Say, we’re bringing it back to SoHo Playhouse for 3 shows only, for those who missed it (or can’t get enough). Get your tickets now!

Watch The Kinsey Sicks Dress CNN's Jeffrey Toobin in Drag! What He Does Next will Amaze/Inspire/Shock/Fill-in-the-Blank You!

Nov 27, 2017

Is CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin the most charmingly awful drag queen of all time? Watch this video as The Kinsey Sicks choose him as our drag victim during our closing number, surprising him and an audience celebrating Harvard Law School's bicentennial in September!

But Jeffrey gets his revenge by stunning us with his remarks afterwards. Trust us, you don’t want to miss them. Was this mutual surprise encounter responsible for Mr. Toobin’s incredible profile on fellow Harvard Law alumnus Ben Schatz/Rachel and The Kinseys in The New Yorker a month later? (Read The New Yorker piece here!

New DVD of our Smash Off-Broadway Hit "THINGS YOU SHOULDN'T SAY!" Available Now!

Nov 8, 2017

The DVD of our critically-acclaimed Off-Broadway hit, “Things You Shouldn’t Say!", is available NOW!

Critics have described the show as “powerful,” “provocative,” “delicious,” “subversive,” “hilarious,” “stirring,” “exquisite,” “electric,” “outrageous," “heartbreaking," “brave,” “mesmerizing,” “flawless,” “superb," "incredibly moving,” ”inventively diabolical,” “riotously funny,” "vitally significant,” “an absolute must watch,” and “theater at its BEST.”

The New Yorker Highlights The Kinsey Sicks!

Nov 7, 2017

Jeffrey Toobin profiles founding member and fellow Harvard Law School alumnus Ben Schatz and The Kinsey Sicks in the legendary magazine The New Yorker!

Read all about it here


Nov 1, 2017

As you may have heard, our fabulous Trampolina/Spencer was hospitalized after her and Trixie/Jeff's Uber was in a car crash on the way to the airport for our gig in Kutztown, PA. Three fractured ribs and a hospital stay later, Trampy is determined to do the show, although we’ve postponed the opening night of our Puerto Vallarta run until November 6. Will Trampy be seated the whole time? Or will she be lying down on a fabulous gurney/chaise lounge? How exactly will we do this show? Believe us, we’re as excited to find out as you are. And although Trixie wasn't hospitalized, will her cuts, bruises, and back spasms impede her normally flawless ability to fall instantaneously to her knees?

Send Trampolina & Trixie some love and come find out for yourself! We have over 40 shows in November and December in Puerto Vallarta and Ajijic, Mexico; Eugene, OR; New York City; and San Francisco and Cotati, CA. Check out the calendar page for details.

"Oy Vey in a Manger" heads to NYC and SF this holiday season!

Oct 6, 2017

After a smash run at the legendary Off-Broadway theater SoHo Playhouse, The Kinsey Sicks are excited to announce a return to NYC with a 3-week run of the holiday musical sensation Oy Vey in a Manger this December, along with a few select encore performances of Things You Shouldn't Say. Then the girls fly across the country to SF, the city of their virgin birth, for 7 shows of Oy Vey in a Manger.

For tickets in New York City, go here.
For tickets in San Francisco, go here.

Kinseys return to Off-Broadway at Fabled SoHo Playhouse!

Sep 19, 2017

The Kinsey Sicks are thrilled to announce that we have been chosen to perform Off-Broadway in The Fringe Encore Series of New York’s famous SoHo Playhouse! The Fringe Encore Series curates up to 18 of the best shows from the world’s top Fringe Festivals - that's over 5000 shows! - and invites them to perform Off-Broadway to further increase their exposure to industry professionals and broader audiences.

YES, you should tell all your friends (and producers, reviewers, agents, & bookers!) about the show and tell them, lovingly, SEE IT DAMMIT, and send them these handy links for tickets:

September 18, Premier Show:
September 19-26, Rest of the Run:

Harvard Law School Inexplicable Invites The Kinsey Sicks to Perform at 200th Anniversary Gala!

Sep 8, 2017

Las Vegas odds-makers are placing bets: Can America’s Favorite Dragapella® Beautyshop Quartet ruin in 20 minutes the reputation that Harvard Law School has taken 200 years to build?

One thousand delighted and/or scandalized Harvard Law students, faculty and esteemed alumni will find out next week Friday, September 15. The event, hosted by HLS alumnus and CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin, will feature Harvard Law School’s most distinguished (and in The Kinseys’ case; most scandalous) alumni in the field of the arts and entertainment. The law school counts among its alumni numerous Presidents, Senators, Governors, two thirds of the current US Supreme Court, and, most prestigiously, one singing drag queen, The Kinsey Sicks’ very own Rachel.

The event is restricted to members of the Harvard Law School community (“An oxymoron if ever there were one,” notes Rachel.) But news of the conflagration is sure to escape. Stay tuned.

US and UK Raves for The Kinsey Sicks and "Things You Shouldn't Say"

Aug 6, 2017

Here's what the critics have to say:

— USA —

"Hilarious ... it's a piercing cry from the heart"  

~ Washington Post

"One of the most provocative evenings of political I've seen"
~ DC Theatre Scene

"Deeper, more complex and yet riotously funny ... This show is an expert mixture of over-the-top camp and compelling moments. There are some things you shouldn't say but you shouldn't miss The Kinsey Sicks”
~ Cabaret Scene Magazine (NY)

"These gals can sing — Celine Dion watch your back"
~ DC Metro Arts

"The Kinsey Sicks wowed with their emotional appeal"
~ Moment Magazine

— UK — 

Named one of the Top 10 "shows you won't want to miss" at the Edinburgh Festival (out of thousands of shows) 
~ The Scotsman (Scotland's leading national paper)

"The most subversive show of all is Things You Shouldn't Say by The Kinsey Sicks" 
~ The Times (UK)

"You'll love The Kinsey Sicks ... as sharp as Bette Davis' tongue"
~ The Herald Scotland

"Stunning ... it brings the audience to its feet"
~ The Scotsman

"Hilarious and mesmerising ... An absolute must watch" 

~ Edinburgh Fest Magazine

"A vitally significant piece of work" 

~ Ed Fringe Review

"The show is a blast ... thought-provoking ... engaging on every level." 
~ Fest Magazine